43. Traditional Whale Hunts & Animal Communication

April 12, 2016

Animal Communication is not a new thing, in fact it’s an incredibly old thing. 

In the Ucluelet / Tofino area, we are extremely fortunate to have access to culture sharing by the original people who have lived on this land for longer than recorded human history. These incredible survivors of colonialism and genocide have kept stories such as these sacred and secret – and now have begun to share the history they have saved.


Through this culture sharing we discover that animal communication was essential to the survival of the Nuuchahnulth peoples. Tsimka Martin, a woman of Tla-o-qui-aht heritage, shares an important part of her culture in the March 2016 Tofino Times. This wonderful article is shared in this episode. 


Kate has also encountered this description of animal communication during

whale hunts in Anne Cameron’s book, Daughters of Copper Woman. You can buy that book here.


You can watch a video of Tsimka Martin on one of her traditional paddle school excursions here.

 You can see some photos along with another version of Tsimka's article here.


If you visit Tofino, you can go out on a traditional canoe with Tsimka or a member of her community through the T’ashii Paddle School here.


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