47: Guest! Andrea’s Ghost Stories Pt 2!

May 17, 2016

Trigger Warning: If you don't want to hear about the violent assault of this negative entity, you can skip forward eleven minutes.

Kate returns from the washroom!

Andrea continues her story of her sister's experience in the insanely haunted house. How does it get worse??? It's pretty bad you guys. This is not meant to be entertaining, just true to Jen's experience as she shared it in her book.

Kate has been in touch with Jen and hopes Jen will make her book available for sale, soon.

Here's the post I was referring to about loving intimacy between living people and spirits.

Chip Coffey's show is mentioned, Psychic Kids

Kate's partner Kathryn talks about the first apparition she saw as a child, along with other childhood ghost stories, and how it affected her family. This segues into one of Kate's first readings for her partner, to confirm this spirit was her mother's brother.

The importance of MOVING HOUSES.

Calling in guardians and angels for help.

Kittens Interruptus

The Birthing Room prankster and MORE hospital ghost stories!


Why Kate likes to sleep with sound on, and has since a child.

How we respond to negative energy unconsciously, by creating clutter.

How electricity and wiring seems to affect us.

The importance of energy flow through our work and living spaces, Andrea's ridiculously tiny office.

Kate's mother's hallucination while Kate was an infant and *very unhappy* with "colic."

Frustrating doctors who don't listen to parents and patients. The parallel between advocating for yourself and your kids, and how you defend yourself energetically.

The affects of sleep deprivation on consciousness. How Kate scared Kathryn when she was awakened in the middle of a REM cycle.

MORE hospital ghost stories! "The Jube" is the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, BC.

The difference between energy imprints and ghosts.


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