52: Dreams and Super Secret Guest Nicole Pt 2!

August 2, 2016

In this episode, I continue my conversation with Nicole about her dreams and experiences.

Thoughts on why we sometimes step away from our power

Recognizing and experience is happening

The difficulty of explaining your experience to others when you can't name what happened to you

Exploring the question "Can I bear the weight of this burden?"

Ethical checks and balances

The difference between faith and confidence

The importance of validation as feedback

The importance of giving people permission to explore their curiosities.

Feeling like you aren't protected when you experience something traumatic

It takes more energy to ask for help when you need it most

The power of stating "I am a child of God" when you feel spiritually threatened

Focusing on what you want to create

Invoking laughter when facing danger

My time as an amateur stand up comedian!

Developing a dark sense of humor

The power listening and feeling what a person is going through

When S#*T Gets Real on the Subway - A story of spiritual intervention


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