53: Special Guest! Jessica Kupferman Pt. 1

September 13, 2016
This episode is Part 1 of a 2-part conversation with podcaster Jessica Kupferman from the ShePodcastsLady Business Radio,  and Off in the Weeds podcasts.
A tangent on skeptics
Addressing the skeptics
The clip from Off in the Weeds where Jessica's skeptical co-host John learns about The Joyful Telepathy Podcast
The two types of skeptics
The impact of Channeling Erik 
How putting so much importance and the pressure around passwords can negatively impact a session
The difficulty of processing failed sessions
How financial crisis forced me to push my gifts to the next level and begin charging for my service
How charging for my services allows me to do more sessions
Introducing Jessica and Jessica's mother
She Podcasts!
Thoughts on people who reincarnate along the same family lines
Jessica's mom can get her message to Jessica anytime
Jessica calls B.S.
The message Jessica received from her mom and what she is doing with it
Agonizing over our life's purpose


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