55: Special Guest! Carl the Firefighter Pt. 1

January 10, 2017
The challenges of new technology and recording podcasts
Why Kate calls her guest Carl "spiritual soulfood"
Carl's Mission: To connect people with PTSD to the smart people that can help them
Learn more and donate to Carl's PTSD crowdfunding campaign at https://startsomegood.com/ptsd-suicide-reach-out
Meet Mr. President - Carl's dog
Discussion on how your body holds physical trauma
Impossible - a word that little minds use
The roll of "Gatekeepers" and appreciating the roll you play in this life
How men that don't believe in psychics love to share stories with Kate "about this one time..."
How Mr. President got Carl up and moving
Kate talks to Mr. President about how he views his relationship with Carl
Why Mr. President prefers walking on street to running around the dog park
Discovering new things when pushed to the brink
Kate's conversation with Biggie Smalls
Progression to Success
  • They ignore you
  • They laugh at you
  • They fight you
  • You win
Knowing you're on to something when you get pushback


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