58: Special Guest! Hamilton the Pig Pt. 1

March 7, 2017

This is Part 1 of Kate's two part interview with Hamilton the Pig.


The strong will and protective characteristics of pigs

Listen to the Fancy Pet's episode to hear Kate's impression of a pig

Rupert the Cat's obsession with Hamilton the Pig

How Kate prepared to meet Hamilton

The story of how Hamilton's mom, Cassandra, found him on Facebook

Be aware of the energy you are sharing with an animal when you are talking about eating them

How Hamilton prefers to be greated by people

Previous travel trauma causes Hamilton to get motion sickness

Advice to potential pig owners

Warning: There is no such thing as a mini-pig

Pigs are grounded in the present and live very much in the moment

How each experience creates a sum experience for Hamilton

"In the dirt and left behind" is a way to visually communicate that something is in the past

How to get Hamilton more motivated on walks

Hamilton's ability to smell predators at sunrise and dusk

Rusty the Cat makes an appearance!




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