59: Special Guest! Hamilton the Pig Pt. 2

March 14, 2017

In this episode, Hamilton returns from a quick trip outside to resume his conversation with Kate.


Hamilton informs Rusty the Cat that Kate is talking to him

Hamilton thinks that "Pigs are special. Cat's aren't special."

Rusty love Hamilton. Hamilton likes poop.

The conversation turns to how Hamilton feels about his environment and what he would like to see added

Why it's better to use saline than water to clean eyes

Hamilton lays out step by step how he would like to have his eyes cleaned

Trusting the info we gain through our "felt" intutive sense

Don't ingnore facts, science, and common sense, but be willing to explore around the fringes

Hamilton's aversion to changes in his routine

Pig tantrums - why and how they throw them

Using smell to inform his opinions of people

Hamilton gets bored

Rusty the cat returns to the conversation!

Rusty believes his pig friend makes him superior to the other cats in the neighborhood

Rusty shares his ambition to run the neighborhood and wants Cassandra's help to make it happen

Kate shares a theory about the roles cats play in our spiritual lives

Rusty gets curios about Kate's audio recorder




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