60: Hillary and Her Horses

March 21, 2017
In this episode, Kate talks to Hillary Schneider about how she uses horses as facilitation partners with her coaching clients.
Hillary has combined her love of horses and passion for coaching to create a ranch retreat experience for her clients.
Horses are intuitive.
Because horses are "prey" animals, they must be hypersensitive about what is coming into their environment.
Horses are reading our energy all the time.
We default into our false self most of the time.
Horses create gateways and access points for us to reach our wiser authentic selves.
Horses help us get clear on where we aren't communicating.
They respond to what we are outwardly projecting.
Unlike a human, a horse has no bias or agenda.
Horses help us awake our wisdom and connect to it.
Kate has turned to horses during dark times in her life.
Kate's experience is that horses help us ground ourselves.
Nazir the Magic Man
Each horse brings its own magic or special quality to the work.
Hillary looks at horses as medicine.
Horses will test our boundaries and push into our space if we have boundary issues.
The difference between assertive dominance and aggressive dominance
Horses can teach us how to hold space.
Horses live in the moment.
Horses don't use more energy than necessary.
How working with thoroughbreds helped prepare Hillary for the work she is doing today.
Transitioning to work that is more honoring both horses and people
Trust the things you're inclined toward - it's not an accident.
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