61: Isabella and Dancing Samba Pt. 1

August 15, 2017

Kate is joined by Isabella Allard, host of the Awaken Your Brilliance podcast, and Samba the magnificent black Lusitano stallion.


Isabella’s mission is to empower people to activate their own innate brilliance and awaken to the brilliance of life itself.

Samba helps humans who are moving through a very dark place.

Kate shares her experience of riding her spirit horse Prince.

Samba wants people to understand that animals are more than farm animals and decoration.  Horses have a powerful spiritual presence in your life if you’re willing to open up to what they have to say.

Your soul doesn’t evolve, it involves - You are already the “all that is”

You involve yourself in different expressions of the totality that you are 

You don’t become anything more, you just become more aware. You focus it into fruition.

Our essence matters.

There is no past and future, only different expressions of “you.”

We are multi-dimensional beings living in this experience right here, but we are the infinite expression.

We are not separate, we are expressing our creative power differently.

Rewind by 60 seconds and listen again!

The highest meditation is appreciation.

Animals feel nature and wind from a vibrational space 

When you feel trapped, this is when it is most essential to practice hope.

Horses don’t judge situations as good or bad, they see it as an experience.

How do you want to experience what you are experiencing?

Ask yourself how you can work with your experience?

Everything is consciousness.

When we honor ourselves as sacred beings that have a spiritual purpose, then we start to move through our experience in an easier way.

We bring ourselves to peace and clarity when we just take a moment to breathe.

Tune in to the next episode to meet Omega!


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