62: Isabella and Dancing Samba Pt 2

August 22, 2017

Kate continues her conversation with Isabella and Samba


Listen to Part 1 if you haven’t heard it!


More horses join the conversation!


Meet Omega and “Friend”


Samba would like humans to understand that we all affect each other energetically


Friend has many past lives being a war horse on the mainland of Europe


Friend specializes in human conflict and helping humans not fear death


Message from friend - It is better to be confident than to be nervous


Be confident and kind


Confidence isn’t about being overbearing; it’s about your innate knowing of your truth and essence.


Samba’s Thoughts on Confidence

  • Samba owns his confidence
  • He is responsible for his confidence
  • Nurture your confidence
  • Dress up in confidence


Omega says when you are confident and gentle with your love, you don’t feel rejection.


You spread love in helping bolster the confidence of others.


We don’t live an emotional life. We live a sensational life.


Emotions are indicators about how we are perceiving our life in relationship to the truth of who we are.


Stand in the place of presence.


The truth of who we are is our beauty, strength, and brilliance. That is what we need to connect with in someone else, not their pain.


Remind others of the truth of who they are. Help activate the brilliance in them.


Refusing to trigger people’s pain points to market to them


When you are marketing a product or service, offer people a reflection of their most peaceful, most fulfilled self


Tune into the frequency of joy


Empathy is a strength


Presence is a gift


Everything that presents itself to you is a gift


Life is a glorious feast

  • Look at what is being offered to you
  • You can decide how you want to be served.
  • Decide how you want your life catered to you
  • You are the creator living your creation


Everything already exists on a vibrational level. You bring it to physicality through your focus.


Kate has realized that she doesn’t want to give up her healthcare career to focus full time on her psychic business


Kate is surprised by her recent realization that she wants to pursue more education in healthcare. She has an ambition to be more active in the leadership of health care.


When you are in tune with your heart, you don’t sacrifice anything.


Follow your excitement when you don’t know what to do next.


The animals don’t see roles within the herd. That is something humans assign. The animals are just who they are. They have nothing to prove.


There is a natural synchronicity that unfolds when you seek the truth in you and in everything around you.


Diversify and live a multidimensional experience in this human body.


Samba’s Thoughts on Finances

  • You may not know exactly how the grain (money) is going to end up in your bucket, but you need to have confidence that you will obtain the grain
  • Don’t worry about the specifics
  • The magic is in inspiring others to fill your bucket
  • Be the resource of inspiration
  • Samba inspires people by thinking about his grain bucket, and then he projects it at specific people. That brings the attention to him, and then he communicates the message to “Fill my bucket, my friend.”


It becomes so much easier for others to fill your bucket when you bring a positive energy to it.


Have confidence that you will have our bucket filled.


Whatever comes your bucket will nourish you.


Volunteering to help others is the best way to get others to volunteer to help you.


Samba says that people can send in questions to Kate or Isabella and he will answer them


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