63: Karel and Her Fabulous Birds

August 29, 2017

Kate shares an animal communication session with Karel and her three rescue birds.


Meet Karel’s three birds:

  • Sugar is a Cockatoo
  • Ruby is an African Grey Parrot
  • Hanna is a Green Cheeked Amazon


Karel writes the Peace with My Life blog  https://peacewithmylife.com/


Ruby is an excellent communicator and gives Kate a download of her knowledge and experience.


Sugar is very intense and shouts when communicating.


Sugar loves the sunlight because he had been kept in a place that had no natural light.


Sugar was very isolated and didn’t have much human interaction.


Kate helps Karel determine Sugar’s approximate age.


Sugar was plucked from his nest as a baby and brought to the U.S. before the import ban.


He is given free reign of the house.


He says things multiple times.


Sugar was very depressed and had very bad manners when he first got to Karel’s.


Ruby is very curious about where Karel goes every day.


Ruby considers Karel to be her dear dear friend.


Ruby wants to be where her people are, but doesn’t like disruption in her life.


Ruby enjoys watching cartoons, and would like to watch more dramas with real people.


Ruby spent a lot of time alone, and was neglected by her previous owner.


Hanna is very standoffish, and likes to examine things from a distance.


Hanna was a breeder bird, and has seen bad things happen to birds.


Kate asks Hanna why she screams when Karel is in the room.


Hanna sees energy and associates it with a negative consequence when she sees it ramping up.


Hanna screams when she feels overwhelmed.


A negative energetic feedback loop starts when Karel is getting ready in the morning.


Kate suggests ways to introduce rising energy to Hanna to help her realize that rising energy can feel good.


Birds are very sensitive to emotion and have ability to put up boundaries to protect themselves.


Kate suggests rewarding Hanna’s whistling behavior with peanuts.


Screaming and plucking provides birds with relief.


Ruby says to give Hanna presents like little treats or flowers.


Hanna'a message for everyone:

It is important for humans to understand that they should not be cruel to birds


Sugar wants to go camping!


Kate suggests giving Sugar puzzles and things that present challenges that he must think about how to destroy.




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