64: Dear David

September 5, 2017

Recorded on Aug 31st, 2017


This episode is inspired by the The Dear David Story shared on Storify from Adam Ellis.


Dear David on Storify


Adam Ellis is a storyteller, illustrator, and author.


Kate doesn’t fear for him


Kate shares why she thinks this is a ghost story, rather than a haunting.


Kudos to Adam for including legitimate haunting phenomena because the consistencies lend legitimacy to his story.


Sleep Paralysis is when you’re conscious, but you can’t will your body to do anything.


People have experienced paranormal phenomenon when experiencing sleep paralysis.


Kate believes that most of us are capable of communicating telepathically, and our physical bodies are instruments designed to sense energy.


Be curious when you get the chills, not fearful.


People with a regular faith practice typically have better tools to handle visits from spirits.


A faith framework helps us to not be afraid of spiritual experiences we don’t understand.


It’s great to acknowledge these spirits when they come forward.


Your first encounter is the best time to set the tone for how  you are going to go forward.


Rather than ignoring and hoping it goes away, reach out and be compassionate.


Kate shares an emotional story about an encounter she had at the hospital where she works with the spirit of a young boy


The behavior of the cats in the video


Thoughts on the darkness of the Polaroid pictures


Revisit the Carly episodes where she talks about the old haunted underpasses


Shadow people are a thing


Tips for Dealing with Similar Situations


  • Burn sage or create a salt barrier.
  • The power isn’t just in the salt and sage. They are tools.  You make them effective with your own energy.
  • Be assertive with your space and address the situation.
  • Talk to your relatives on the other side and ask them for help.
  • The more you back off and experience fear and shrinking, the harder it is to come back and spiritually and energetically assert yourself.


Listen to the episode with  Special Guest Nicole


The worst hauntings are when these things escalate. They most often escalate with people that don’t have a spiritual practice.


Kate has laid out the terms and the rules of her property.


No spirits not on the VIP list get to visit Kate uninvited after 8 pm.


Bowls of salt are good to use in your house if you’re feeling a little depressed if there hasn’t been much sunlight


Put salt in what feels like a dark corner


The more you do these practices, the more confident you become in them.


Sage and similar tools can make things worse when people use them that don’t have faith in the tools.


Say things positively like, “I declare this to be a happy, healthy, healing space.”


Listen to Andrea’s episodes about an adversarial spirit.


David isn’t being adversarial. He is just showing himself and hanging out.


Don’t isolate yourself if you are experiencing this.


Don’t be aggressive. Aggression is a sign of fear.


Be assertive, not aggressive. The tone is like when you are talking to a child.


How you carry yourself and what you believe about yourself impacts how people treat you.


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Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) | Twitter





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